Woman wakes up from surgery to find out her boyfriend proposed, put a ring on it

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When Sumiko Jennings had surgery to remove some gallstones, her boyfriend, Johnathan Higgins, pulled the doctor aside with an unusual request.

“He pulled out a ring and asked me if I could put it on her finger before she woke up,” said Sappington.

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“That would be the best way to show her that I’ll always be here for her,” Higgins said.

Higgins liked the idea of playing on Jennings’ surgery removing stones and then having her wake up to a different kind of stone, but when she woke up, she wasn’t even looking at the ring.

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“She would not look at her left hand for nothin’,”  Higgins said.

“I saw the nurses coming in and out of the room, and I was like, ‘Why do they keep comin’ in and out of the room?'” Jennings recalled.

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“My mom finally said, ‘Girl, Johnathan drew all over your hands and stuff while you asleep’ and she just said, ‘For real?'” Higgins said.

“And then I look at it and I said, ‘Ahh’. Then I start crying,” Jennings said.

“She said, ‘You didn’t even propose to me.’ Yes, I did. I was on my knee for like a whole minute trying to talk to you and you just weren’t payin’ attention,” said Higgins.

The two have scheduled their wedding for next April.