Mother shot in Dallas shielding son from sniper’s bullets

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On Thursday night, Shetamia Taylor was attending a peaceful protest against police brutality with her four sons when a sniper opened fire on police at the event. Taylor rushed to protect her boys and got shot in the process.

Taylor’s sister, Theresa Williams, told ABC Dallas affiliate WFAA that Taylor was shot in the leg as she was shielding her 15-year-old son on the ground, and her other three sons scattered in opposite directions.

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“She jumped on top to cover him on the ground as she pushed him in between two cars in the curb,” Williams told WFAA. “All she could think about was her other three boys — where are they at.”

Taylor lay there with her son for about five minutes before police came to rescue them. In the hectic aftermath of the shooting, she was separated from her other sons, who were stuck behind a police barricade near a parking garage while police engaged in a standoff with shooter Michah Johnson for several hours.

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Taylor underwent surgery this morning and remains in the hospital, but is expected to recover.  Another civilian was shot as well.

“She’s not so much worried about the gunshot wound she has on her leg,” Williams told WFAA. “We’re watching the news in the hospital room, and all she can do is say, ‘Lord, be with those families of those police officers.’ And that’s what she kept repeating.”

Twelve officers were shot in a sniper ambush on Thursday, including five who were killed.

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