Kanye West tweets out casting call for ‘multi-racial women only’ for Yeezy fashion line

Kanye West’s latest casting call for Yeezy Season 4 is very… specific.

West tweeted out the specifics over the weekend of what he’s looking for: “Multi-racial women” only.

The call took place Sunday in New York City and also requested that women not wear make-up. The rapper’s latest fashion line is set to debut on September 7, the opening day of New York Fashion Week.

Some on social media quickly questioned West’s intentions and wondered if he was specifically trying to keep black or white women out.






Lines stretched around the block at the shoot’s location in Manhattan.


Others chalked it up to Kanye wanting women of all different skin tones.

“Multiracial doesn’t mean light skinned,” Imogen Cooper told the New York Daily News. “You can be multiracial and have dark skin tones or pale skin tones. It doesn’t really matter. If you look at people in line, there are people of all skin colors.”

Cooper was among the reported thousands of women who showed up for the audition.