Former Bernie Sanders supporter aims to get blacks to vote Republican

Bruce Carter, a former Bernie Sanders supporter, became a Republican and he is trying to convince African-Americans to vote for Donald Trump.

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Bruce Carter was a Bernie Sanders supporter, but when Sanders lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton, he switched parties and became a Republican. Now, he is trying to convince African-Americans to get out the vote in support of the Republican Party and Donald Trump.

Carter is the co-founder of Black Men for Bernie but made the switch to the Republican Party and was not impressed by their outreach to urban communities.

“The Republicans suck– they have no way to get into urban communities,” he said. “They have done a horrible job at trying to expand their base among black communities.”

Carter decided to try a new approach: putting up cash to directly invest in communities. He has created two grants of $5,000, one for a single mom starting a new business and another for an existing business in need of expansion.

“This is something no party has ever done,” he said. “Invest directly into the community that you want to earn your vote.”

He went on to say that there has already been some positive response and that he hopes this will help set up a conversation about what the Republican Party can do in inner cities.

“I’ve been told — ‘hey I don’t care if he’s a racist,’” he said. “‘If there’s a partnership, we in.’”

Carter plans to award the grants in Philadelphia this week and will then take this idea on to other place.