Ben Carson pretty much had a meltdown on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday when trying to defend Donald Trump on sexual assault allegations.

Carson tried his best deflect questions about the allegations by suggesting Americans shouldn’t take their eyes “off the ball” – the ball in this case being the election.

But when Joe Scarborough and Katty Kay challenged him, he quickly crumbled.

“It doesn’t matter,” he insisted, then later said that the allegations were “not important.”

Even more tellingly, Carson asked for Kay’s microphone to be turned off when she continued to press him, repeating, “stop stop stop” over her arguments, accusing her of trying to make him look like a “bad guy.”

When pressed, he just kept insisting that “the train is going off the cliff” in reference to the state of the country.

“Get it through your thick skulls!” he told the show’s hosts and correspondents.

“Why can’t you give a straight answer?” Scarborough said at once point during the meltdown as he became visibly frustrated by Carson’s refusal to give him an answer.