Former Black Panther says Black Lives Matter has ‘plantation mentality’

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Elaine Brown, a former Black Panther, says that she doesn’t know “what Black Lives Matter does.”

When asked about the current political movement, Brown derided the protests as not doing enough, saying, “The next wave of young people running out here, who are complaining and protesting about the murders of young black men and women by the police all over the country, they will protest but they will not rise up in an organized fashion, with an agenda, to create revolutionary change… We advocated community self-defense organizations to be formed, so that we would not be assaulted by the police, so that we would bear arms and assume our human rights.”

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She went on to accuse the Black Lives Matter protesters of “plantation mentality,” rejecting the notion that the movement has put forward that they are building on “the legacy of our ancestors who pushed for reparations, black self-determination and community control.”

“This to me is a plantation mentality,” she said. “It smacks of ‘master, if you would just treat me right.’ And it has nothing to do with self-determination, empowerment and a sense of justice, or anything else.”

She also heavily criticized Black Lives Matter for meeting with Hillary Clinton, saying, “I was ashamed of them for asking that racist warmonger what she thought of black people.”