(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Within 10 hours of Donald Trump’s election, police reports started coming in of Muslim women wearing hijabs who were assaulted.

A Muslim student from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette was attacked and struck with a metal object. She said that one of her attackers had a white Trump hat, and the attackers fled with her wallet and hijab.

At San Diego State University, another Muslim student was followed by two men making comments about Trump and Muslims until they confronted her and stole her purse and car keys.

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Corey Saylor, who tracks instances of Islamophobia at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, noted that the fear is that now that Trump is elected, people will be emboldened in their Islamophobia. After all, the president-elect called for a ban on all Muslims entering the country.

“Unfortunately the election of Trump will embolden people who don’t like minorities — and not just Muslims but minorities across the board,” Saylor said.

In the face of the Trump’s election, many Muslim women are now starting a conversation as to how safe it is to wear the hijab in public, with some arguing that it is better to be safe and others remaining defiant.