Baltimore officer in tears after failing to save infant during a police protest

Yesterday, during a police protest over the shooting of a man armed with knives, a hero cop tried to save the life of a one-month-old baby girl. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the little girl was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Baltimore Major Richard Gibson was patrolling near the protests when he was told by a group of people that a small baby had stopped breathing and was bleeding from her nose.

He rushed into the pizza shop where the baby and her mother were and performed CPR.

— Baltimore cops previously charged in Freddie Gray’s death honored at gala — 

Duane Davis, who has become somewhat of a public figure over his criticism of the police over the years, thanked Gibson for his heroic efforts.

‘The police did do something positive in the community today… today they served and protected the community.’

Baltimore youth commissioner Shawn Batson said, “This is hurting me to the core! I all can remember is the lady running to me screaming I need your help the baby is dead! Thank you Major Gibson for coming to aid to help this family.”