(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

As the votes from the election keep coming in and the process of hand-counting ballots starts in several states, Hillary Clinton is not only widening her lead in the popular vote but also gaining more votes than any candidate in history.

The Cook Report, a nonpartisan election analysis organization released data showing that Clinton receivedĀ 65,527,625 votes in the election, as opposed to Donald Trump’sĀ  62,851,436 votes, putting her at over 2.6 million more popular votes than Trump.

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While these are certainly impressive numbers, it is unlikely that this will change the results of the election, however, as Trump won the Electoral College and has well over the 270 votes needed there in order to become the president. The only way the results can be reversed is if the votes being tallied end up turning one or more of the states from Trump to Clinton.

The data has been released at a time when many are fighting to change the results of the election, with Jill Stein spearheading a campaign to call for recounts in three swing states that went to Trump during the election and several “faithless” or “Hamilton” electors announcing that they would not cast their vote for Donald Trump in the Electoral College.