(screen shot/Facebook)

An elementary school principal in Dallas is now being investigated for writing a Facebook post slamming Jacqueline Craig. Craig is the Fort Worth mother who was arrested on Wednesday after she called police to report her neighbor assaulting her 7-year-old son.

Family lawyer Lee Merritt posted a screenshot of the Facebook post on Lana Sprayberry’s profile page. She is the principal of Inspired Vision Academy, and the lawyer wanted to know if the post could be verified.

Sprayberry’s post read, “Stop trying to act innocent. If you had kept your fat mouth shut the cop would not have had a reason to cuff! I wouldn’t blame every cop to walk off their job in protest!!! Lord help us!!!”

Since Sprayberry’s post and the attorney’s follow up, A+Charter Schools, who is the corporate charter system that includes Inspired Vision Academy, posted their own statement.

They say they are looking into the comment and are taking the matter seriously.

— Fort Worth officer on restricted duty after videotaped arrests — 

Merrit went on to address the issue in a Facebook Live video.

“Someone’s opinion becomes dangerous when they’re responsible for the lives of our youth,” Merritt said. “It’s not just a matter of free speech. It’s a matter of corrupting and endangering our youth.

“Those students at that school, if she is the head of a school, should not have to endure another semester of that kind of leadership,” Merritt stated. “That is the kind of leadership that identifies our black children for suspension, for removal to continuation schools, and puts them in the prison pipeline.”

Fort Worth police received a call from Craig on Wednesday to report that her neighbor had choked her son. The neighbor claimed that the boy had littered and not made any effort to clean up his mess when asked.

When officers arrived and asked her why she hadn’t taught her son not to litter, this led to an exchange that was all captured on video and quickly went viral.

Craig was arrested, as were her teenage daughters.

Dallas’ Next Generation Action Network held a demonstration over the arrests at the Tarrant County Courthouse. There were approximately 150 people in attendance.