‘Get Out’ accused of being ‘anti-white’ and ‘racist’ by some viewers

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Jordan Peele’s Get Out has been getting rave reviews from critics, but there is an increasingly vocal segment of people who absolutely hate it, calling it “anti-white” and “racist.”

The movie’s plot follows an interracial couple, a black man and white woman, as they reach the meet-the-parents stage of their relationship. But instead of the usual awkward conversations that usually accompany these kind of meetings, or even the awkward conversations that can often come up for interracial couples, they find instead a disturbing history of black men going missing from the little town.

— Jordan Peele’s horror flick ‘Get Out’ keeps it real, relevant and racial — 

While many people praised the satirical horror movie, others slammed it, with comments like: “I don’t care if this actually an entertaining movie or not I find it atrocious that anyone can support such outright racism. It’s blatantly pushing a racist stereotype agenda against white people. But no you can’t be racist against white people we’re ‘too privileged’ I’ve heard as an excuse …”

Another reviewer wrote: “100% Anti-white film used as propaganda. White shaming white women to date black guys or they are racist. Standard ‘it’s so tough to be a black person’ nonsense. White people are evil bla bla bla…black people are persecuted bla bla bla. This movie was poorly acted and directed. Wooden cast. Its forgettable if it weren’t for the disgusting racism involved and a Hollywood narrative. Sadly I wasted my money on this so I can be insulted on this D-level ‘thriller.'”

The discussion concerning this movie and its racial tones spans 11 pages. Somehow, we’re not surprised.