Jamie Foxx hypes up his co-stars in ‘Baby Driver’

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Baby Driver is bound to be the car chase hit of the summer.

Starring Jamie Foxx, Ansel Elgort, and Jon Hamm, the film is about a young getaway driver finding love and trying to escape his criminal lifestyle.

Entertainment Studios’ own Jon Kelley sat down with the three leading men, and Foxx had nothing but good things to say about his talented co-stars.

“This young man right here… You’re watching this guy take the reigns of something that is really magical,” Foxx says of Elgort, a fresh face in Hollywood.

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“Jon Hamm, who brings so much weight and incredible-ness to the movie, I can not tell you how many girls called me and said ‘So when you shooting? When is Jon gonna be on set? I’m just gonna drop by,'” the star joked.

Foxx is confident in the film and the reaction it has gotten so far.

“Everyone has responded to it in the absolute most incredible way.”

Baby Driver hits theaters June 28th.