The father of the 18-year-old girl who was shot in the head in a tragic incident of road rage believes that his daughter was killed in a hate crime.

“We’re still upset and angry and we still want answers as to why this happened to our daughter,” Rodney Roberson, whose daughter, Bianca Roberson, was killed on June 28, said.

Bianca Roberson was shot in the head after David Desper, the driver of a pickup truck, allegedly took out a handgun in a fit of road rage when he and Roberson had jockeyed for position in trying to merge lanes where the road went from two lanes to one. Bianca Roberson was killed instantly, and Desper fled the scene.

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Police initiated a four-day manhunt that stretched over three states before, on Saturday morning, Desper turned himself in to the authorities.

But Rodney Roberson does not believe that his daughter’s death was a simple case of road rage. “To shoot her in the head. It wasn’t road rage,” Rodney Roberson said. “To me, it was a hate crime.”

“I want them to throw the book at this guy,” he added. “Throw him under the jail. He took my daughter.”

While Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan hasn’t said that the crime was racially-motivated, officials are still looking into the motive behind the shooting.