YouTube stars Diamond & Silk still stand behind Donald Trump

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YouTube stars Diamond and Silk, who have become famous for their support of President Donald Trump, took to Fox News after a weekend of violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, to defend Trump’s statement in response to the violence.

After a white supremacist drove a car into a group of counter protesters, killing one woman and injuring many others, Trump said in a statement that “many sides” were in the wrong for stirring up hatred and anger. The president came under fire for that statement, as many people called him out for not specifically condemning the neo-Nazis and white supremacists who were responsible for the violence.

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The YouTube stars defended that statement, saying, “It can’t be one-sided. All of them was wrong for doing what they was doing.”

“We have to live in this country together,” Diamond said, though she went on to add, “People’s freedom of speech have to be protected because it’s protected by the first amendment. So we can’t look at one side, we have to look at all sides cause all of them created violence.”

In that same segment, the two of them blamed the Democrats for having a role in the foundation of the KKK.