Hazel-E apologizes for saying gays should burn in hell, claims misunderstanding

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Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood star Hazel-E has issued an apology for her homophobic comments on Instagram saying that gay people should burn in hell, though she is standing by the religious side of the comments, which suggested that the Bible said that was what would happen to gay people.

The comments were made on a post that her boyfriend, Rose Burgandy, made in response to rumors that he was gay.

Hazel told TMZ, “The post that Rose made, I am not justifying it, because I actually feel horrible that the LGBT community is upset with me because that was definitely not my intent to offend an entire community that one, supports me, two… my world would fall apart without the LGBT community.”

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“The post was made because one person in the community decided to falsify documents from Rose’s social media and my social media basically trying to out him,” Hazel explained, adding that “it was very frustrating because it was false; it was lies.”

She then attempted to justify Burgandy’s post, saying, “He was just like, ‘To show you how not gay I am, I’m going to post a burning flag.'”

“Might not have been the wisest idea,” she admitted.

She went on to say that her “burn in hell” comment was only directed toward the one person who had been trying to out Burgandy.

However, she added that the Bible did have something to say about the matter: “I don’t think that the Bible says that the gays should burn in hell. I say that the Bible does speak on homosexuality, and I can’t rewrite the Bible, and for the things that it says in it, that’s what it says.”

“Do I believe that if two men are sleeping together, are they going to burn in hell? I’m not God; I can’t judge you, and I will not judge you.”