Justine Skye takes a knee while singing national anthem at Brooklyn Nets home opener

The Brooklyn Nets may have gotten more than they bargained for when they asked singer Justine Skye to sing the national anthem at Friday’s home opener. During her performance, she took a knee.

There were cheers and there were boos but Skye, 22, doesn’t seem to mind. She wanted to show a sign of solidarity with Black Lives Matter and she did.

She wrote about her performance on Instagram and uploaded a video of it. She added the hashtag #blacklivesmatter to the post as well.

“Got a bit shaky at the end.. was pretty uneasy about singing the anthem and probably won’t ever be invited to sing it again but I had to take a knee for the opening game in my city and let my voice be heard,” she penned. “We will not be silenced #blacklivesmatter.”

The NBA has different rules than the NFL and they require that all players stand during the anthem.

A spokeswoman for the Nets said the team had no idea Skye planned to take the knee. “We recognize that tonight’s national anthem singer kneeled briefly at the end of her performance and we were not aware that she was going to do so,” she said.

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