Chrisette Michele: I had a miscarriage & lost my career after performing at Inauguration

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

When people performed at Donald Trump’s Inauguration they thought it would be good for their career, but as Chrisette Michele found out, that was simply not the case.

Michele is now opening up about her choice to sing at the Inauguration as well as what it cost her in the months since.

While many performers shunned performing for Trump, Michele thought it would be good for her even as fans and fellow musicians pressured her to drop out. She did not and in the following months she has been battling depression and suicidal thoughts. She started drinking copious amounts of alcohol and began taking Xanax regularly.

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Michele then turned to excessive exercising but her binge eating compulsion began again in earnest. She said she was so down on herself that she treated her body in a way that it did not deserve.

To make matters even more heartbreaking, she suffered a miscarriage. The bad news didn’t end there however, she has also been dropped by her record label.

She turned to social media to explain what has been happening with her over the last year and while she may have hoped she would find sympathy in the masses, she did not. Rather, she was reminded that it was her choice to sing for Trump and she knew her fans were not happy about her decision before the big day.

Michele didn’t apologize, however, no, instead she doubled down claiming fans were “choice shaming” her. How well do you think that went?