Betsy DeVos’ Halloween costume has the Internet up in arms, because she dared to try and dress up as Ms. Frizzle from “The Magic School Bus.”

The cartoon character was much beloved in both books and a TV series that ran during the 90s that taught kids about things like the digestive system and the solar system. Ms. Frizzle always had a new dress to reflect the day’s lesson, and DeVos’ costume is based on a space lesson, complete with a horrendous, bright red-orange wig, which she wore to the White House’s Halloween celebration.

As you can imagine, the internet wasn’t about to put up with DeVos, whose nomination to the position as education secretary was hotly contested and who has been dragged for knowing nothing about education, dressing up as one of the most beloved teachers in all of pop culture.

Check out some of the best “how dare she” reactions from Twitter below.

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