Ex-police chief charged with hate crime over ‘N*ggers are like ISIS’ comment

The former New Jersey police chief who made racist remarks about African-Americans, and also assaulted and used a racial slur against a suspect, has been charged with a hate crime.

Frank Nucera Jr.‘s long history of racial remarks was uncovered after an officer secretly recorded him while he was on the job in Bordentown Township, near Trenton.

–New Jersey police chief accused of racist abuse, allegedly said ‘n*ggers are like ISIS’–

The racial abuse was long and storied and included such actions as using police dogs to intimidate Black fans at basketball games. At one point, Nucera, in speaking about a Black suspect accused of slashing police tires, went on a tirade, saying, “n—–s are like ISIS, they have no value.”

The criminal complaint also zeroes in on an incident on Sept. 1, 2016, in which officers were called about a teenage couple who hadn’t paid for their room. When police confronted the couple, the boy fought police and was pepper-sprayed.

Nucera and other officers arrived and arrested the boy, but when the teenager stopped walking, Nucera allegedly slammed his head into a metal door jamb. Nucera also allegedly hit the teenager in the head when his arm when he complained.

On Wednesday, Nucera was arrested and charged with a hate crime and violating the 18-year-old suspect’s civil rights by using excessive force.  He could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted.