Larry Krasner with former City Councilwoman Marian Tasco (Facebook)

Civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner has been elected as the new Philadelphia DA in a landslide victory and that isn’t sitting well with everyone.

Police in the city are upset that voters were not moved by their fear mongering and have proceeded to melt down.

Approximately 300 members of the Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 5, endorsed the Republican nominee, Beth Grossman. The police union donated $12,500 and even issued a letter in October that accused Krasner of “an open hostility against police and law enforcement in general.”

Even with all of that support, Grossman only got about 25 percent of the vote with Krasner getting 75 percent in part with the support of Black Lives Matter.

Now we are hearing just how angry the police are at this turn of events.

“He doesn’t give me my arrest powers so [I] don’t care. No blood on my hands when he lets the sh*tbags out,” Officer Marc Marchetti posted on Facebook.

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“Hitler could run for DA or Mayor on the Democratic ticket and win,” another person commented.

“He’s got that look on his face you just wanna wipe off with a b*tch slap,” Officer Steve Mancuso wrote. The Philadelphia Inquirer, who first wrote about this noted, “Mancuso has been accused of such rough handling, in a ‘violent takedown’ of an Eagles fan during a game; the case was settled out of court.”

Krasner isn’t letting any of this talk get to him and is instead working on his transition before he takes over his new office of 300 lawyers and a $50 million budget.

On his website Krasner Transition, he is asking for people to submit their resumes.

“The coming year will bring a shift in priorities. The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office will transition from a culture of seeking victory for prosecutors to a culture of seeking justice for all,” the site explained.

“The next District Attorney looks forward to working with the many current staff members who are also dedicated to this vision, and with the best and brightest talent drawn from local and national pools.”