7 times Sarah Huckabee Sanders played herself at the White House podium

Every day, Sarah Huckabee Sanders approaches the podium in the White House briefing room. What happens next, is anyone's guess.

Every day, Sarah Huckabee Sanders approaches the podium in the White House briefing room. What happens next, is anyone’s guess.

From confusing President Trump with Obama to not realizing JFK and John F. Kennedy were the same person, she has a knack for misrepresenting Trump’s positions on virtually everything and bungling her answers to rather straightforward questions from the media.

Here are seven times she tried to play games and ended up getting played:

When she tried to come for Congresswoman Frederica Wilson

After White House Chief of Staff John Kelly made up facts in an attack on Rep. Wilson, Sanders did him one better. In an attempt to defend Kelly’s quip that Wilson was an ’empty barrel’ making noise, Sanders doubled down. She said Wilson was ‘all hat, no cattle.’ Girl bye.

When she said NFL players should protest officers on the field instead of the American flag

A reporter asked Sanders why the Trump administration hadn’t taken Colin Kaepernick at his word when he told *everyone* what the protests were actually about. Instead, folks in the White House continued to talk about the flag, America and the military. So Sanders dropped this gem:

When she wasted 4 minutes of the everyone’s natural life reading a tax analogy involving reporters who go out for a drink

On the day Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted on conspiracy charges against the U.S., Sanders thought it best to open her press conference to talk about tax reform. Instead of laying out actual specifics, the president’s chief spokesperson relayed a story straight out of a bad chain email that pretends to be intellectual.

‘So ten reporters go out and spend $100 on beer,’ is how it started. All we can say is…TF?

When she said President Trump’s only flaw is that he has to deal with members of the press…who hold him accountable?

NBC News’ Peter Alexander asked Sanders to name one of President Trump’s flaws. Since she remains soulless, she took the question as yet another opportunity to take a dig at the press. “Dealing with you guys,” was her answer because that’s such a great zinger.

When she railed against ‘unnamed sources’ and forgot her President is allergic to receipts

White House reporter Brian Karem had had enough of Sanders’ BS. When she began dropping generic criticisms of “news outlets” which “have no sources,” Karem charged up and went IN. He called Sanders comments “inflammatory,” which is putting it lightly. Watch the exchange below:

When she called Jemele Hill’s comments against President Trump a ‘fireable offense’

Somebody should have told Mrs. Sarah you don’t come for Jemele Hill, but she clearly didn’t get the memo. After Hill called out Trump’s ‘white supremacist’ leanings, Sanders replied by getting defensive. She called Hills tweets “outrageous” and then recommended she get the chopping block. (FYI, Hill wasn’t fired and you can catch her on ‘The Six.’)

When she said Trump had done more for bipartisanship in 8 days than Obama did in 8 years

Sanders tried to convince reporters that Trump was genuinely reaching across the aisle to Democrats for one big tax reform kumbaya. But then…crickets. All hope for unity was probably lost as soon as Trump pressed ‘send’ on a tweet the next morning.