A Texas man was arrested after taking a sledgehammer to twelve police vehicles on Sunday morning.

NBC 5 reported that a man named Gregory Simpson went to the Dallas Central Patrol at around 5 a.m. on Sunday and started to break police cars.

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The Dallas Police Association tweeted pictures of the destruction caused by Simpson and asked, “What’s it going to take folks, Officer getting killed? These parking lots need to be secure!”

WFAA reported that authorities believe Simpson was able to sneak into the parking lot through an unlocked gate.

Eight of the vehicles, which were parked at a lot that the police and city marshals share, belonged to the marshals. Four belonged to the department.

Simpson, who was witnessed in the act of vandalism, was taken into custody and held at Lew Sterrett Jail on $50,000 bond. He now faces a charge of felony criminal mischief for the destruction.

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Police want better protection

Police organizations have reportedly been calling for better security at the lot for some time, according to WFAA, and this latest incident is only intensifying those calls.

“To try to play this down as just an isolated incident is not true,” said Mike Walton, president of the Dallas Fraternal Order of Police. “The city of Dallas is fully responsible for any police officer who gets hurt or killed.”

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Walton added that taking security measures, while expensive in the short term, will benefit the police and the city in the long run, especially because it means that police won’t have to be stationed around the lots and station to prevent vandalism and attacks.

“The city of Dallas will find money for things that they think is important,” he said, calling on the city to make security more of a priority to prevent these kinds of events from becoming more commonplace.