Drake surprises fans, drops $50k for grocery shoppers in Miami

Drake buys groceries

Imagine having your grocery bill footed by one of the music game’s biggest stars. That’s exactly what happened for shoppers at Miami’s Sabor Tropical Supermarket when Drake came over the loud speaker and made an Oprah-esque announcement: Groceries for everybody!

The singer rolled up in a black SUV and covered the tab for the crowd of shoppers inside the Miami chain—reportedly dropping a total of $50,000 on carts filled to the brim with groceries.

–Never forget: Justin Timberlake dissed Prince on Timbaland’s ‘Give It To Me’–

Customer Guille Deza told E! News that, “No one knew he was coming at all, we just came to do groceries. Cameras were being set up so we were all wondering what was to happen.”

While some were ecstatic about their lucky day, others were salty they missed out on a Drake sighting, or free groceries, or both!


Maybe inspired by the stirring lyrics of his latest single, “God’s Plan,” the rapper has been on a kindness binge of sorts. Over the past few days he’s written several good will checks, which now total more than $150,000.

Giving back

Earlier this week, the Toronto native had fans going wild when stopped by Miami Senior High to record some of the visuals to appear in the video for his latest song. Drake performed the tune from a crane to an audience of adoring and excited teens. Before heading out, he donated $25,000 to the school and gifted OVO-designed uniforms to its students.

–Teens chant slurs at black and Asian basketball players until refs call off game–

That same day, he wrote a $50,000 check to University of Miami student, Destiny James after hearing about her inspirational journey toward success. According to the Miami Hurricane, students were so excited about the rapper’s presence that they chased his motorcade as it exited the campus!

And if you thought that was the end of the Grammy-award-winning rapper’s good deeds, think again. The 31-year-old visited the Lotus House, the city’s only homeless shelter for women and children, and handed over a $50,000 check toward the facility’s renovation and expansion project. He also distributed $150 Target gift cards for the moms and toys and games for the children.

We don’t know what generosity bug bit Drake, but we love it!