Glamorous camping, otherwise known to the regulars as “glamping,” is a fun alternative for all you outdoor enthusiasts who have long graduated from your Girl and Boy Scouts days, but still crave an experience where you can comfortably be one with nature.

What most people don’t realize is that glamping takes camping to the next level, especially if planned around a road trip in an RV. What awaits is an affordable and adventurous travel alternative for your girlfriend getaway, a weekend with the fellas, or a way for you to explore Mother Nature with your kids; all while enjoying the comforts (and maybe even a few extra perks) of home.

An RV or “recreational vehicle” includes a broad category of trailers (high end to budget friendly) that are designed for a more relaxed accommodation on the road without having to deal with some of the challenges (bugs, rocks, allergies, standing water…you get the picture) of actually being outside.

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Here are five reasons to kick back in an RV and see some of the country’s most beautiful landscapes for an adventure you won’t soon forget.

2You Can Go Comfortably 

Enjoy different styles and types of accomodations based on your budget with an RV. (Courtesy of

Just think, “if you have it at home, there’s an RV that has it too.”

Many RVs include queen or king size bed options, gourmet kitchens, leather sofas, some even have fireplaces. RVs also offer full bathrooms with a tub, washer and dryers, multiple flat screen TVs with satellite, bunk beds for the little ones, a central vacuum system, storage for clothing, and more.