If you’ve been dreaming of taking an African safari, now may be the time for you to check it off your bucket list. Start in Kenya and experience an adventure of a lifetime that includes some of the country’s most wondrous national parks that are indeed luxurious, but still ideal for a first time expedition.

Remember, good things are worth working for, so be prepared to handle some business before you leave home. There are passport, visa and vaccination requirements. Information at eVisa Passport Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention can help you get started. Pack light because you’ll be plane hopping between safari locations, but don’t forget the essentials like insect repellent, sunscreen, shades, a hat and light colored clothing.

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Your adventure awaits. Ready, set, go!

2Experience wildlife up, close, and personal

The main area at Elsa’s Kopje where you can dine under the stars (Courtesy of Elsa’s Kopje Meru)

You’ll love the rooms at the Elsa’s Kopje Meru camp which are sculpted into the Mughwango Hill and above the site where George Adamson’s original camp was located when he and his wife, Joy decided to raise orphan lions (as is depicted in the movie Born Free about Adamson and Elsa the lion, for which the camp is named).

Game is plentiful. You may even spot a leopard and her baby sleeping in a tree. You’ll never forget watching a pride of lions roam by a dry river.

Also, unforgettable is the outrageously tasty Kenyan food at Elsa’s. Look out for the monkeys though, who will swoop down from a tree and swipe some bread from your table. Do visit the rhino sanctuary and don’t miss the opportunity to meet children at a local school. Their smiles will steal your heart.