The last few months have been really rough for Wendy Williams, with the talk show host becoming a “hot topic” staple in the gossip blogs rather than the one spilling all the hot topic tea. Bombshell allegations about her health, her marriage, and her impending divorce from her now estranged husband and his relationship with another woman (suspected of being his longterm mistress.) It’s enough to push any human into shrinking under the covers indefinitely.

After the news broke in April that she’d finally made the decision to file for divorce and cut her losses, fans everywhere rejoiced (and also simultaneously let out a sigh of relief), as a whole new Wendy emerged from the ashes like a Phoenix full of hope, forgiveness, and dare we say…. unapologetic lust?

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Wendy 2.0 has been raising brows the last few months as a decidedly more playful and flirtatious side of her has taken center stage. Not just on her show, but also in her new found dating and social life.

Just this past week Wendy was spotted running the streets of L.A with new gal pal Blac Chyna, and hitting up PRIDE events without a care in the world.

We may not know whose leg is attached to the young man in the photo she posted at the end of her Cali adventure, but here are five brothers she may want to consider as she enjoys life on the rebound.

2Meek Mill or Nas

Meek Mill (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Future )and Nas. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Wendy is a hip-hop aficionado, and as a result, she has often covered Meek Mill’s social justice activism while also taking random moments to wax poetic about her love of Nas in general, but the reason why it’s a toss up as to who should give the talk show diva some “old skool luvin” is because of the former flame they both share — Nicki Minaj.

Like Nicki, Wendy is known for being bossy, confrontational, but also, a bit emotional. In fact, we’ve lost count of how many times Wendy has been overcome by tears right on stage in front of her studio audience.

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While we don’t personally think there’s anything wrong with a strong woman having an emotional streak, not all men are properly equipped to handle that sort of thing. If there’s anyone who has the patience, maturity and wherewithal to comfort Wendy, it’s one of the two men who have survived dating Nicki.

Bonus points for the fact that Wendy would also have someone to listen to 90’s rap records with her, a favorite past time that she often talked about enjoying with her estranged husband Kevin Hunter.