A mother is outraged and took to social media to slam the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office for dismissing molestation charges against a white man who she claims sexually abused her preschool child.

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Gregory Johnston was charged with committing alleged sex crimes against a Black child at Lil’ Piggies Child Care LLC. He is also the husband of the Evansville, Indiana, daycare owner.

Based on a recommendation from therapists and community partners, the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office said they would not move forward with prosecuting Johnston right now, but said they intend on taking up the case at a later time.

According to reports, Johnston was charged with four counts of child molestation, two counts of child molesting with deadly force, threat of deadly force, or with a deadly weapon and one count of dissemination of matter harmful to minors.

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However, the victim’s mother Kelly Jo Marshall feels wronged. She posted a video on Facebook airing her dismay about the prosecutor’s decision to dismiss the case.

“This man, (Johnston) molested my child, a man I called bro. This man was a pallbearer at my mother’s funeral. This whole time this man was messing with my son?” she said through tears.

“And for that prosecutor to call me today to tell me that they are putting in a motion for dismissal, you know that was a smack in the face cause you know what, I’ve done everything that they asked me to do!” she yelled.

“Y’all gonna tell me we gonna put in for a dismissal but we gonna pick this sh*t back up? How the f*ck is that even right,” she said fuming.

Deputy prosecutor Emily Hall wrote in a motion to dismiss, the “state has been informed that the victim is unavailable to testify and does not know when the victim will be available to testify.”

The prosecutors released the following statement:

“Upon recommendation of the therapists and community partners involved in this case, the decision was made to delay prosecution. The State of Indiana was forced to dismiss the case without prejudice in hopes of re-filing charges in the future. The ultimate goal of our office is to hold any criminal wrong-doer to justice, however the health and well-being of our victim is of the utmost importance and must take priority.”

Johnston was arrested back in February after the minor reported being “choked, threatened and molested’ by him at Lil’ Piggies Child Care LLC.

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The victim’s mother pledged to continue to fight: “I’m going to fight this until the death of me and I mean that with every breath in my body,” and “at the end of the day, my child has to live with this.”

Marshall said she is going through a nightmare.

The daycare has since been closed after charges were filed against the alleged sex offender.

“This world that we live in is real, real foul… My son will never be the same little boy,” Marshall said.