Prince was notoriously hard to reach and very private. But those rules didn’t apply when it came to his close friend, Tamron Hall.

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Hall opened up about her friendship with “the Purple One” during an interview with Dan Piepenbring, who co-wrote Prince’s new memoir “The Beautiful Ones,” PEOPLE reports.

It seems that Prince was quite the smooth operator, sliding into Hall’s texts every day to shower her with attention and oftentimes clothing critiques. Hall even ended up as the cover art on Prince’s 2015 single, “If Eye Could Get Ur Attention.”

“I wear what I wear because I don’t like clothes. This is what’s most comfortable,’” Hall read from Piepenbring’s book, on The Tamron Hall Show.

Hall revealed that Prince didn’t hold his tongue when he came to lending his opinion on her outfit choices.

“He says he didn’t like clothes — Prince called me every single morning to critique or give feedback on what I would wear,” she revealed.

One day, Hall said she decided to send Prince a selfie in a tight-fitting ensemble. She said she never thought it would end up anywhere else other than his inbox.

“I sent him a selfie one day, and he then stole my selfie and used it as the cover for his single,” the hostess explained. “I woke up the next morning, and people were like, ‘You’re all over the internet. You’re on the cover of Prince’s song ‘If Eye Could Get Ur Attention.’”

“Sounds like he got yours,” Piepenbring said.

“Well he did — or I got his!” Hall said laughing. “But, we had been very close many years by now. And, he wrote me an email in relation [to the selfie], ’cause I called him, I said, what are you doing?”

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Hall said she has accumulated hundreds of emails over the years between Prince and herself and since his passing, she has decided to keep those exchanges close to her heart.

“I never share my emails with Prince — I have hundreds of them if not a thousand — because I don’t want to feel like I’m exploiting,” she said.

She did share one story about when Prince jokingly came on to her.

“Eye hate ur red dress… Y? Because it’s touching ur body and eye’m not :(“

“Yes, I’m happily married now, we’ll leave that there. We’ll let that simmer,” Hall said laughing.

“He never said anything like that to me,” Piepenbring joked.

Just prior to his death in 2016, the music legend announced during a New York show his plans to pen “The Beautiful Ones” memoir. His memoir was finally published on Tuesday.