The Orange County Florida Sheriff’s Office has fired a white deputy who violently manhandled a female middle school student.

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An unnamed officer was canned after body camera video was released, showing him roughing up a Black girl by grabbing her by the hair, according to ABC News.

“You’re the one who started this s— at school. … I’m tired of this s—,” the officer said in the video.

The resource officer was sent to break up a fight that erupted between students at Westridge Middle School in Orlando, Florida.

The video appears to show the deputy also retrained the youth’s hands behind her back before dragging her to a squad car. The girl was held before being released into parental custody, according to authorities.

[WARNING: Violence and explicit language in video.]

“I am extremely upset, disappointed and outraged by the conduct of our deputy sheriff in this instance,” said Orange County Sheriff John Mina during a Friday press conference,

“I want the community to know that this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.”

The deputy was fired after reviewing the footage of the incident, Mina said,

“The school resource deputy showed up and actually escalated the situation and made it worse,” Mina said.

An investigation is underway by the department’s internal affairs department. After its completion the case will be turned over to the State’s Attorney’s Office which will decide if criminal charges will be filed.

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Earlier this year, a similar incident happened at a Georgia high school.

A resource officer appeared in a video allegedly using excessive force against a teenage girl.

Alma Grandy claimed her teen daughter Mikkia Grandy was involved in a fight at Newton High School in Covington, Georgia. She said a video showed the school’s research officer slamming the child into a wall while trying to break it up on August 14.

Mikkia was fighting another student when the resource officer arrived to break up the altercation.