A Clark Atlanta University student who was murdered spent the holidays with her “best friend,” who is now a suspect in her death.

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Jordyn Jones, who is one of two suspects charged with Crawford’s death, had become a close friend to Alexis Crawford. The two young ladies met freshman year at the HBCU, the Rev. Markel Hutchins, a family spokesman said Sunday to CNN.

“It was a regular occurrence for Jordyn to spend time with Alexis’ family and to engage with Alexis’ siblings,” Hutchins said.

“To know that someone that they welcomed into home played a role in Alexis’ death is all the more hurtful.”

Police say 21-year-old Barron Brantley is also accused of Crawford’s death after her body was found in a park in DeKalb County after being missing for more than a week, according to 11alive.

Jones, who is from Michigan, in fact, had spent Thanksgiving and Easter holiday with Crawford’s family in Athens, GA.

Crawford also reportedly referred to Jones as her “best friend,” Hutchins said.

According to a report, Brantley led police to Crawford’s body. She reportedly died from asphyxiation after being strangled, WSBTV reports.

According to the outlet, Crawford’s remains were put in a plastic bin and dumped in a park, according to Fulton County Superior Court documents released Tuesday.

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Crawford and Jones reportedly got into a fight in their off-campus apartment, after they went out to buy alcohol. Warrant documents obtained by the outlet states that Brantley, Jones’ boyfriend, then got involved in the altercation.

“As a result of the physical altercation, Barron Brantley choked the victim until she was deceased,” an Atlanta Police Department report says. “Afterwards Jones and Brantley placed Alexis Crawford in a plastic bin and transported her body to Exchange Park in Decatur, GA, where they placed her body in the woods.”

Both suspects are now in jail and face murder charges.

Hutchins recalled Crawford as someone who was affectionate.  He said she was “really everything we want and expect our young people to be.”