Nicki Minaj’s momma wants to sing the Lord’s praises in a gospel song and is ready to include her daughter on a track.

Carol Maraj sat down to interview with PEOPLE Now and confessed that her rapper daughter got her love of music from her momma. When asked if she would ever want to collaborate on a song with the Megatron rapper, Maraj admitted:

“I would love to do that one day.” Then she followed up by saying her genre of choice would be Gospel.

Maraj has a inspirational single out called, ‘What Makes You.’

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“‘What Makes You’ is all about building self-esteem, loving oneself, and loving the uniqueness of you. You can’t be anyone else. Your flaws make you. That’s what I want people to understand [about] that song, Maraj said.

“You can be singing it to God. You can be singing it to anyone. It’s an all-around love song slash pop, but you can take this song to mean anything you want it to mean. ‘You love me like no one else’: I think about the Lord when I sing that song.”

Maraj also opened up about her new son-in-law Kenneth Petty who wed Minaj last month.

“I’m very happy,” Maraj admits, even though it doesn’t sound like Minaj let her momma in on the festivities.

“She’s been saying she was going to do something small and then do something big within a year. My only thing is I just wanted her to get married. I’m really excited and elated she did. I realize when I see them interact they seem very happy to me.”

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Last month, Minaj, 36, took to Instagram to share the message that she’s now Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, and the nuptials happened right under our noses on October 21st.

Minaj has been teasing for some time that she was about to get married after she abruptly announced last month she was quitting the rap game to focus on building a family.

Take a listen to Mama Maraj’s new single below and let us know what you think.