The troubled rapper known as Kodak Black was sentenced and racked up nearly four years for charges stemming from his May arrest in Miami.

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Black’s lawyer Mohammed Gangat, said he was facing up to 10 years in prison for lying to feds in government paperwork, but was handed down the lighter sentence of three years and 10 months behind bars after he struck a plea deal. Black, known for his singles “ZeZe” and “Roll in Peace,” has already been in the detention center since August.

In May, Black checked a “no” box on the ATF Form 4473, a firearms application, where it asked if he was under indictment for a felony, XXL mag reports. That was was a lie. He was in fact under indictment in South Carolina on charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Prosecutors wanted Black, whose birth name is Bill Kapri, to do at least eight years, not only for that lie but for all kinds of bad behavior. Just recently, while incarcerated, the South Florida rapper was reportedly involved in a prison fight at Miami’s Federal Detention Center. Black was reportedly drunk and allegedly kicked a guard in his privates.

According to the Miami Herald‘s Jack Brook, Black grabbed his testicles so violently that the man was hospitalized and needed to have surgery.

Black was first arrested in May, within hours of a planned performance at a Rolling Loud concert in Miami Gardens. At the time of his arrest, he maintained his innocence, but changed his position and entered a guilty plea in August.

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The judge took it easy on him. In addition to pleading guilty to falsifying information on federal documents that pertained to the purchase of three guns– it has been discovered that one of those guns was found at the scene of a shooting in Pompano Beach, Florida in March.

They can keep him in jail if they wanna.