Spike Lee is set to add his cinematic magic to a Legendary Pictures project called Prince of Cats.

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The Oscar award-winning BlackKklansman director will direct the film which flips the script on Romeo & Juliet turning it into a 1980s Hip-Hop-infused tale. Prince of Cats is based on a graphic novel by Ron Wimberly, The Wrap reports.

According to the movie description, “Set in Brooklyn, the violent feud between the Capulets and Montagues is waged with katanas and amid graffiti-stained walls. Along with the backdrop, Prince of Cats also changes the story’s focus from the two doomed lovers to Tybalt, Juliet’s rage-fueled cousin who leads the Capulets in their battles and whose bloodthirst leads to his demise.”

Lee will join forces with Wimberly to rewrite the script along with original screenwriter Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, according to reports.

This sounds like an interesting concept and we’re ready to see what special touches Spike will add to the mix.

Lee, the legendary Do the Right Thing director, has truly earned his stripes and finally earned a coveted accolade.

Lee won the “Best Adapted Screenplay” Oscar at the 91st Annual Academy Awards. Earlier this year, the 62-year-old director took to the stage to accept the award and give a dynamic speech, but not before jumping into the arms of longtime co-star and presenter, Samuel L. Jackson.

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Spike kicked off his memorable speech with a quick lesson in all things history, her-story, and irony, too.

“The word today is ‘Irony.’ The date- the 24th. The month, February, which also happens to be the shortest month of the year. Which also happens to be Black History Month. The year, 2019, the year 1619, history, her-story, 1619 to 2019, 400 years, our ancestors were stolen from Mother Africa and brought to Jamestown Virginia and enslaved.”

In 2015, he received an honorary Oscar Award for being “a champion of independent film and an inspiration to young filmmakers.”