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Chris Rock thegrio.com
November 5, 2021
Chris Rock made his feelings towards anti-vaxxers very clear and even name-dropped Kyrie Irving while doing it.
November 5, 2021
Four Lexington, S.C. students will not be allowed to return to classes or participate in extracurriculars for the rest of the year.
McDonalds thegrio.com
November 4, 2021
McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski has sparked outrage over remarks about the shooting deaths of two Chicago children.
Jay Z thegrio.com
November 4, 2021
Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Reform Alliance will host a job fair later this month with a focus on helping disadvantaged groups.
Magic Johnson Cookie Johnson thegrio.com
November 4, 2021
Magic Johnson and wife Cookie spoke with Gayle King about the 30th anniversary of his press conference in which he revealed his HIV diagnosis.
covid children thegrio.com
November 2, 2021
The White House has confirmed that they expect COVID-19 vaccination sites for children under 12 to be “up and running” by the week of Nov. 8.
November 1, 2021
Sixty-year-old Florida ‘teacher of the year’, Caroline Lee was arrested for hitting a student and using the N-word in class.
Eboni K . Williams thegrio.com
October 29, 2021
Eboni K. Williams reportedly filed a racial complaint against Bravo vet Ramona Singer which resulted in a reunion special not happening.
Mark Zuckerberg thegrio.com
October 29, 2021
Blue Telusma explores the new rebranding of Facebook to “Meta” and founder Mark Zuckerberg’s ulterior motives.
October 28, 2021
The president of a California district board of education is under heightened scrutiny after she was caught on mic swearing obscenities.
Influencer Jayne Rivera thegrio.com
October 28, 2021
A popular Instagram and TikTok influencer sparked outrage after she had a photoshoot at her father’s funeral.
Stacey Abrams thegrio.com
October 28, 2021
Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight organization donates $1.34 million to the nonprofit RIP Medical Debt to help wipe out medical debt.
October 25, 2021
Looks like Philadelphia 76ers player Seth Curry and wife Callie Rivers Curry are expecting their second child together!
Leomie Anderson thegrio.com
October 25, 2021
Model Leomie Anderson shared a video exposing how poorly prepared New York Fashion Week organizers are to accommodate Black models.
John Legend/ Chrissy Teigen
October 25, 2021
Chrissy Teigen told parenting site “Scary Mommy” that she and husband John Legend travel with the ashes of their dead son.
Meghan Markle thegrio.com
October 22, 2021
Meghan Markle used her platform as an opportunity to speak on behalf of working mothers across the country who need more federal support.
Dave Chappelle thegrio.com
October 21, 2021
Dave Chappelle says he’s open to meeting with Netflix employees about his controversial special “The Closer.”
28th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards
October 18, 2021
Former ‘View’ co-host Raven Symoné says that while she enjoyed her time on ‘The View’ it turned out not to be what was promised.
October 18, 2021
The Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA), the players’ union for the WNBA, took a very pointed jab at Texas’ […]
Kevin and Misty Mitchem thegrio.com
October 18, 2021
Kevin and Misty Mitchem, vocally opposed to the vaccine, died of COVID two weeks apart and leave behind multiple children.