HBCUs low donations,
Some study participants blamed systemic racism for the underfunding. Others said it was a result of limited connections between philanthropists
/ May 2, 2023
Both men are to be honored this fall when the university plans to host a ceremony to commemorate their honorary
/ April 27, 2023
Families have embraced schools that affirm their students’ Black heritage in a country where instruction about race is increasingly under
/ April 26, 2023
Base to be renamed for Black Army pioneers
Fort Lee, which is slated to become Fort Gregg-Adams on Thursday, will be named for Lt. Gen. Arthur J. Gregg
/ April 25, 2023
A residential hall at 700 Lincoln Street now bears the name Celia Dial Saxon Hall. The University of South Carolina
/ April 24, 2023
Ashlee Woods is the third Black student and the first Black woman to hold the role in the paper’s 129-year
/ April 21, 2023
You can call Quincy “Q” Shannon a “Face of Change.” The original series from Pattrn recognizes the founder of Ski
/ April 19, 2023