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Summer Body Positivity: Ty Alexander

Episode 74

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This week on the Dear Culture podcast, hosts Shana Pinnock and Gerren Keith Gaynor talked with wellness blogger, DJ and podcaster Ty Alexander, who shared her tips for loving the skin you’re in. 

Body Confidence in the Time of COVID-19

“I had already been on a really great fitness journey and then the world shut down. I couldn’t go to the gym. So not only did I feel like defeated, I was like, ‘Well, hell, now I’m going to be back to being what I call fat or uncomfortable,’” said Alexander.

However, as the saying goes: every setback is a set up for something greater and Alexander said being forced to change her routine was an invitation to gain a new perspective on not just her body, but wellness in general. 

“It really was a kind of reality check for me to like, you know, ––a lesson, rather, in loving my body where I am today versus kind of always wanting better, which is good for having better. But I think it’s also really important for us to really find the love in what we have right now.”

Black woman stretches before workout
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Staying Positive

“When I first went outside, when [the world] first started to open back up, I did feel a little bit of pressure. And now I’m like, ‘Oh, God, I’m going to have to ride every day on this Peloton to try and get this weight off’,” said Dear Culture co-host and theGrio Social Media Director Shana Pinnock. “COVID has been a nightmare, but what I’m so grateful for is the amount of self-love I’ve had to learn in this time period.” 

As our hosts shared some of their past and present struggles with keeping a healthy self image, Alexander said that, for her, staying in the moment is key. 

“I always tell people think about where you are now versus where you were 10 years ago, and how much progress you have versus always thinking about, ‘Oh, well, in five years I want to buy a house,’” said Alexander. “Again, goals are great, but they can kind of almost suffocate you sometimes into not realizing how far you’ve come and how great you are in this moment.” 

Another wellness tip Alexander loves to share with folks is taking pride in your body and valuing it for being unique and one of a kind. 

“I’m from old school. I’m about to be 45 so I love a nice, smooth, little smooth waistline. I’m definitely somewhere in the middle because I believe in balance. I definitely believe when you wear a little body-con [outfit] it should be smooth,” said Alexander.  “But I also am embracing this idea that my body was made for me and there’s no other like that and I should respect it and love it in such a way.” 

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