Dear Culture

Giving Black: Kishshana Palmer, Joy Lindsay

Episode 90

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This week on the Dear Culture podcast, theGrio Managing Editor Gerren Keith Gaynor talks to guests Joy Lindsay and Kishshana Palmer on the joy of giving while Black and how to support the Black businesses, organizations and charities in your community this holiday season!

According to Give Blck, a platform that centralizes Black-founded nonprofits to make it easier for donors to connect with them, Americans give $450 billion to charity each year, but less than four percent goes to Black organizations.

Lindsay, who started her career in investment banking before transitioning to the nonprofit sector said that while there is a persistent wealth gap between white and Black Americans, writing a check is just one of the many ways to help make an impact in your community.

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Lindsay added her organization, Butterfly Dreamz, has been successful thanks to the generosity and support of community. 

“If you know someone, particularly a Black person who has founded a nonprofit, ask them what they need and listen,” said Lindsay. “Yes, write the check, but also see where else you can give your time, your skills, particularly as a board, help to be not just a donor, but a fundraiser.”

“I think that was most valuable in how we’ve been able to have success. It hasn’t been from the corporate donations that are now starting to come in. The foundation of it was because, early on, our community got behind us and they got other people to say give.” 

Palmer, an educator, speaker and career trainer says the Black community has a storied history of philanthropy and that now it’s time for us to think about our charity as not only a good deed, but an investment. 

Usher's New Look Trains 600 Youth During Powered By Service Day
Chief of Staff, Office of the Under Secretary, U.S. Department of Education, Alex Ceja works with youths during Powered By Service Day on August 5, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Usher’s New Look Foundation)

“We have a history — since the sun has been going up and coming down — of giving, of tithing, of stewardship, of putting the together the care package. It’s the same idea, but what I want everybody who’s thinking about investing in organizations to do is think of it as an investment,” said Palmer.

“Number one, and folks who are looking to have folks join them, give them the invitation,” she continued. “We put the tin cup away and we invite folks in to come along with you on that journey so that you can do good work in your community. And that is what folks can do right now to action.” 

Want to know more about how to support the organizations making change in your community? Tune into the Dear Culture podcast to hear Joy and Kishshana’s advice on all the ways you can support or even start your own nonprofit.

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