Viral Videos

Todd posted regrets for being “disgusting,” but the megachurch pastor’s viral moment continues to trend on social media.
/ January 19, 2022
The Black creators of the viral “Alors on Danse” TikTok dance from last summer say they didn’t get the same level of credit as their white…
/ December 28, 2021
The #MilkCrateChallenge, which went viral on social media, involves successfully climbing up and down a freestanding stack of milk crates.
/ August 22, 2021
Tonee “Valentine” Carter dazzled traveling author Carlos Whittaker, who watched the pianist play late last month.
/ August 12, 2021
Don Lemon Tucker Carlson
CNN host Don Lemon stunned longtime viewers when he defended Tucker Carlson after he was harassed in Montana by a man in a fishing store.
/ July 29, 2021
Two Georgetown Law professors are under investigation after one expressed that all of her underperforming students are Black.
/ March 11, 2021
A white woman’s obscene gesture toward a Black man standing in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick was captured in a video that has garnered sharp reaction
/ October 24, 2019