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In a case of mistaken identity, Kevin Hart recently discovered that a Google search for Bill Cosby‘s net worth will result in a picture of Hart’s face, and he’s not too pleased about it.

It’s bad enough to be mistaken for someone else, but when that someone else is a disgraced comedian under fire for sexual assault allegations, it’s even worse.

“Oh @Google can you please take my picture off of ‘Bills Cosby’s’ net worth search,” Hart wrote on his Twitter account Thursday. ‘Thanks in advance guys!!!! Appreciate ya.”

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In fact, if you Google “Bill Cosby’s net work,” you get a smiling picture of Hart along with this result: “American musician, activist, author, actor, comedian, education and television producer Bill Cosby has an estimated net worth of $400 million.”

There is no word yet from Google on how or why the mixup occurred.

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