Natasha S. Alford

As the only Black woman running a major 2020 presidential campaign, Rupert made a mark on the political scene despite Castro dropping out
Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), is weighing in on the legal battle between media mogul Byron Allen and Comcast, calling out the cable giant for threatening civil rights. On Thursday, Sen. Warren tweeted out an article about Allen's...
A year after announcing that his production company would be using inclusion riders, its first project to implement them is hitting theaters
In theGrio's new series, "Good Job, Sis," Crystal Windham talks about exactly what led her to become the first African-American woman Director of Interior Design at General Motors.
Van Jones sits down with theGrio and gets real about his work, his relationship with Trump, and how it feels when the Black community calls him a sellout.
A former NBC Universal Executive released a statement alleging that the company left Black cable networks to fail, even while touting them as examples of diversity.
In a new statement, media mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs made his position crystal clear on Byron Allen's Supreme Court case with Comcast.
On Tuesday, presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a plan to combat the increasing threat of white supremacist violence and terrorism.
Media mogul Byron Allen talks race and business and explains why he's not asking for a seat at the table, he's taking a seat at the table.
When Entertainment Studios chief Byron Allen purchased The Weather Channel for $300 million in 2017, he made headlines and became the first African American to own a general market cable network. But beyond the significance of his business acquisition, Allen...
Several cases are going in front of the Supreme Court this fall and the results could help-- or hurt-- the Black community for years to come.
At the 2019 Congressional Black Caucus' Annual Legislative Conference, several high profile executives, who also happen to be Black women, dropped some gems on how to navigate corporate America if you're young, gifted and Black.
Today the country of South Africa celebrated its annual Heritage Day, a national holiday to honor the diverse cultures of the nations' people. Every 24th of September, South Africans may wear traditional garb, gather to commemorate history, barbecue (braai), host...
In a candid new interview with theGrio, 2020 Presidential hopeful Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, IN, says if America doesn't address race issues, the future of the country is at stake. "I've reached the conclusion that if we don't...
This story was supported by the Pulitzer Center. CAROLINA, Puerto Rico- When Marcos A. Rivera Ortiz, Esq. walks into his law office, the walls are covered in reminders that justice isn’t always blind. On this day, Rivera is dressed to the...
Speaking before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Gwen Carr, the mother of Eric Garner, was there to represent her family and push for more accountability of police officers.
Actress Tina Lifford from the hit OWN show, "Queen Sugar" talks about turning Aunt Vi into an iconic role, the impact of her lupus storyline and how she came to the realization that wellness is non-negotiable.
TheGrio's Deputy Editor, Natasha Alford, explains how a powerful storyline on the hit OWN show, "Queen Sugar" helped her come to terms with her diagnosis.
In an interview with theGrio, Kobe Richardson explains why everyone got it all wrong when he asked friend, Sally Hazelgrove to cut his locs.
Tatiana Denson is suing a PNC Bank brach in Tampa, FL., professing she was racially profiled during an attempt to open a business bank account for he new company.