Natasha S. Alford

Just minutes into watching Netflix's new drama series "When They See Us," and you understand that justice is finally going to be served. Of course by now we know how the story of the Central Park Five ends: a hunt fo...
Meet Keyaira and Tarawoner Kelly, the hosts of the new podcast"Talk To Your Mother (TTYM)" where the have honest convos around sex, life, and love.
It was one of the best graduation gifts you could ever imagine getting. Morehouse commencement speaker, finance billionaire Robert F. Smith, pledged to pay off student loans for the entire Class of 2019. "My family ...

Today is World Lupus Day and for the millions of people around the globe who live with the disease, it's a reminder that they're not alone.
Find out how the anti-abortion movement in the U.S. has more to do with evangelical Christians' racist segregationist roots than the tenants of morality.
Former NBA baller Al Harrington is spreading the news about how other Black people can take advantage of the economic implications of the billion dollar legal weed industry.

Black Mama's Bail Out operates across the country with the sole purpose of reuniting Black women with their children.
Cheslie Kryst, who was crowned Miss USA 2019, has a word to anyone who wants to randomly touch her natural hair.

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris went through a laundry list of issues with President Trump while calling on the media to stop overlooking Black voters in their discussions of "electability," during a Sunday night address in Detroit.While speaking...
Food entrepreneur and activist Olympia Auset has created a new business that will bring low-cost organic grocery service to underserved Black communities.
In a new interview with theGrio, actress Yaya DaCosta says she's happy the mainstream media is starting to catch on to the idea of the Black Latinos' exist.
TheGrio interviews the cast of "Bolden," the new film inspired by the legendary, but little-known jazz pioneer Charles “Buddy” Bolden.
 According to Rev. Al Sharpton, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has home training.At least that's what was suggested after Buttigieg rode the subway and asked to bless the food before eating during lunch with Rev. Sharpton in Harlem.The Sylvia's soul food...
D. Watkins is sick of "woke." The New York Times best-selling author says that 'wokeness' and all its amenities is bad for Black America. In fact, Watkins is skeptical of anyone who claims to speak for all of Bla...
Lauren London's latest tribute to Nipsey Hussle highlights the pain of life after losing our loved ones to gun violence. The grief doesn't go away.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) while speaking at the She The People conference rolled out a policy plan that would address the racial disparity between Black and white mothers.
In a 1-on-1 interview with theGrio, Sen. Warren addresses her agenda for Black America.
She's not your typical cannabis owner.In a booming marijuana industry where the majority of people calling the shots are White and male, Tarsha S., is setting out to change the game.She runs The Green Dragon, a marijuana dispensary she co-founded...
A school in Crenshaw recently unveiled a 78-foot basketball court bearing Nipsey Hussle's image with a special dedication ceremony.