Kid Cudi inspires hashtag for black men to talk about mental health news 1x1.trans

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On Tuesday, Kid Cudi revealed that he would be seeking help for his anxiety and depression, and his admission has sparked a national conversation on mental health, especially for black men, inspiring the hashtag as black men ask each other #YouGoodMan?

“My anxiety and depression have ruled my life for as long as I can remember and I never leave the house because of it,” Kid Cudi wrote on Facebook in speaking out about his struggles with his mental health. “I cant make new friends because of it. I [don’t] trust anyone because of it and [I’m] tired of being held back in my life. I deserve to have peace. I deserve to be happy and smiling.”

Twitter users @DaynaLNuckolls and @TheCosby then took to the social media site to suggest that there should be a hashtag for black men to use so that they can have a safe space to talk about mental health, and they put forward #YouGoodMan, a hashtag designed to allow men to speak about their issues and check on each other.

The hashtag took off and did what it set out to do: providing a space for people to talk about mental health issues that are often overlooked due to stigma.

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