Colorblind is a copout

Why are you making a news site for Black Americans? By focusing on people’s differences aren’t you just enhancing the line between Black America and everyone else? Aren’t you part of the problem?

Too many times at too many cocktail parties have I fielded these questions. It would seem that some people feel they have such solid footing on their politically correct pedestals that they “know” what makes for a healthy functioning society and are all too happy to let the rest of us in on it. They would have me believe that in this utopian society we’re all working towards, everyone is colorblind. After all, to be colorblind is the loftiest achievement of political correctness.

It’s also complete nonsense.

People are different. Why would there be so many bumper stickers urging us to “Celebrate Diversity” if we weren’t? Black Americans have a distinct culture stemming from a common history. A distinct culture creates distinct interests and concerns. Different points of view make for a wonderfully interesting world, not to mention a pretty interesting website.

I invite you to join the discussion. Comment, critique, tell us your stories, voice your concerns – be different.