Murder or self-defense? Pharmacist kills would-be robber (video)

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Oklahoma County, OK – Murder or self defense? That’s the choice jurors in Oklahoma County may soon be faced with. Jerome Esrland is accused of murdering 16 year old Antwun Parker after Parker and a second man attempted to rob Ersland’s pharmacy.

The defense plans to fight the murder charge until the very end. Their argument will be that Ersland acted in self defense. The defense admits, at first glance, the security camera footage doesn’t help their case.

An affidavit says 57-year-old Jerome Ersland shot Antwun Parker on May 19 while Parker was incapacitated and lying on his back. Parker was shot once in the head and five times in the stomach area. An autopsy determined Parker was still alive after being shot in the head.

Ersland says two people in ski masks threatened him and two other employees at Reliable Discount Pharmacy and because he’s disabled he couldn’t run. Ersland says he took a pistol from his pocket and shot Parker in the head, then shot him five more times as the teenager tried to get up.

Still, his attorney is confident Ersland will eventually be acquitted. “Second guess him all you want. He did what a lot of people would’ve done in this state. I think a lot of people will be on his side,” said attorney Irven Box.