Teacher choking student caught on cell phone camera (video)

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A Jacksonville, Florida high school student says his teacher choked him during a classroom brawl, and he’s got the cell phone video to prove it.

Clyde Wilson says his Algebra I class last Friday turned into a brawl, with his teacher on top choking him.

“I went to the back of the room and he grabbed me. And he held me down, he let me back up once but then he pulled me back and grabbed me again,” Wilson said.

The school system identified the teacher as Michael Brown.

At one point in the video Clyde uses both hands, trying to push Brown’s arm off his neck. He’s clearly overpowered, pinned against a table.

Clyde says he had slight bruising on his neck.

“If I had done that, I’d be telling this story behind bars. I’d be behind bars right now telling you what happened. I guess him being a teacher, he gets some privilege where he can choke the kid out, plain video shows what he’s done, and he gets away with it,” Clyde’s father, Tommy Wilson, says.

The school system has started an investigation and a spokesperson
says Brown hasn’t been back at Forrest High School this week.

Clyde’s parents were shocked when they saw the cell phone video, but
even more surprised after they called police.

“They’re saying the teacher wants to press charges against my son because they’re saying he hit the teacher in the head with a ruler,” Clyde’s mom, Tina Wilson, says.

Clyde says the ruler hit the teacher by accident.

A school district spokesperson declined to talk on camera.

She says Brown has been removed from the classroom pending the outcome of an investigation.