Triplet mother gives birth to triplets (video)

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A 23-year-old triplet said she is still in shock after doing the unthinkable: giving birth to her own healthy triplets.

Amber Ali of Detroit, Michigan gave birth to Amir, Armann and Amari Whitaker, at Sinai Grace Hospital on May 26. The brothers came within minutes of each other, arriving at 3:48, 3:50 and 3:51 p.m.

Doctors said the babies are doing well and will be discharged within a few weeks when they gain a little more weight.

Amir has the most hair and was the largest, weighing 4 pounds, 5, ounces. Armann was the smallest weighing in at 3 pounds, 12 ounces, but the toughest because he didn’t need a ventilator, said his father. Andre Whitaker said Amari, only 2 ounces smaller than Amir, looks the most like his mother.

Whitaker and Ali say they are thrilled and feel blessed to have three healthy babies.

“Tell you the truth I almost passed out,” said Whitaker.

Like Armann, Ali is the middle triplet.

“I am so glad that she had triplets. She is so blessed,” said Ali’s sister Asia Ali. “She is going to get a lot of help from us.”

The couple met when Whitaker was 20 and fresh out of the Army. He said he saw Ali driving the street, got in his car, and went after her.

They will be taking the babies home to live with them at Whitakers’ parents home in Detroit.

Ali and Whitaker said it will take a village to raise three kids on what their dad earns as a housekeeper and desk clerk at a motel, and they realize they will need some help.

The couple is accepting donations of baby supplies.