Create your own Obama time capsule (video)

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

Technology and politics have been bedfellows for a while now but thanks to a Silicon Valley author and some Silicon Valley companies, you can help write the book on the recent presidential campaign.

Like any historic occasion, there’s a coffee table book to help you remember the Obama campaign. But this one, put together by author and photojournalist Rick Smolan, comes with a hefty dose of technology.

“The Obama time capsule” doesn’t just have photos taken from every possible angle, you can personalize it, online, before you order it. You can add your own dedication, invitation, even the famous blackberry text message.

“So the idea is to subtly weave your photos, your family, into a book called the Obama Time Capsule you can leave to your grandchildren,” said Rick Smolan of the Obama Time

The book uses first of its kind printing technology from Hewlett-Packard with additional support from Facebook and Google. The costs are kept low, about $35.00, and no book is shipped until it’s ordered, which helps the environment.

“I love the idea of using technology to tell a story, to give technology a human face,” said Smolan. All the technology here is hidden, and the human face can be yours.

The book is on sale at website will walk you through the steps to put your own photos in the book.