Three children killed in car chase (video)

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.


PHILADELPHIA – Three children were killed by a robbery suspect who lost control of his car as he fled from police in Philadelphia Wednesday.

Police say just after 7:30pm a Pontiac crashed into three little kids, all under the age of ten, killing them. A mother of one of the kids was also hit. She was left in critical condition.

“Well when I seen the baby, all I could do was start crying,” said Caroline Pines is a potential witness.

Police say it all started with an armed robbery at Fisher and Rising Sun Avenue in North Philadelphia. That’s when they say two men stole a Yamaha motorcycle at gunpoint. They say one took off on the motorcycle, the other in a Pontiac. Police gave chase and that’s when the car crashed into the group of four people. The city’s top brass wasted no time getting to the scene.

“As I indicated, we don’t have a lot of information, but the little bit we have saddens our hearts. Three children killed senselessly,” said Mayor Michael Nutter.

Police spent the night investigating a crime that has left several families devastated and a community in grief.

Both suspects are under arrest.