Eddie Murphy discusses new movie and kids (video)

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Eddie Murphy plays a single dad who’s about to be guided by his daughter’s imagination in the new film “Imagine That.” When Eddie Murphy’s career is on the brink, his screen daughter’s imagination comes to his rescue.

“I responded to this piece, that it had this magical thing and it had a relationship between a father and daughter. I was able to relate to it, it was about a guy who was recently going through a divorce, but it wasn’t the special effects and all this stuff, it was the characters and something where you had to use your imagination,” says Murphy.

Reporter Mike Wilber wondered if, as a parent, Murphy had dealt with an imaginary friend?

“We haven’t had the imaginary friend, because we have so many children in the house for real. An imaginary child would go hungry. I have eight kids so, I didn’t go through the imaginary kid thing,” Murphy responded with a laugh.

“Imagine That” also stars Thomas Haden Church.

It’s in theaters Friday.