Former police officer faces more than 40 charges over elaborate foreclosure scam

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A former West Palm Beach, Florida police officer is facing charges related to an intricate foreclosure scam.

Carl Heflin has already been accused of organizing one of the biggest mortgage fraud cases in Palm Beach County history.

He’s facing over 40 charges and deputies say they expect more next week.

The recent charges include residential burglary and grand theft over $100,000.

Detective Michael Antinoro, the lead detective in the case, says Heflin was making thousands of dollars a month on 25 to 30 different homes throughout the West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, and Lake Worth communities.

“Approximately $6,000 a month,” says Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Detective Mike Antinoro. “He made up a fraud warranty deed. He created his own fraud deed, submitted them to the Clerk of Court and unbeknownst to them, they stamped it, and he’d go around to properties and show them to the individual people and since the house was in some sort of foreclosure, they thought they were getting knocked out by the bank.”

“I’m snake bitten by it, the whole thing. Shocked, angry, victimized is what I am,” says victim Leslie Walker.

Deputies say Heflin had a hand in taking over and “renting out” at least 16 homes in West Palm Beach.

Investigators say Heflin would break into empty homes, change locks, and even make minor improvements before renting them out.

Investigators believe Heflin had plans to do the same thing on the west coast of Florida.

Deputies believe there are more victims out there.

They are asking anyone who believes they too are victims of Carl Heflin to give them a call. Investigators are also trying to contact the actual homeowners.