Toddler vanishes after trip to gas station with cousin

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(AP Photo/FBI)

Police in northern Indiana are searching for a missing toddler. Two-year-old Jada Justice was in the back seat of a car at a gas station in Gary, IN Tuesday night when her baby-sitter, Angelica Castillo went inside to get a gallon of milk. Castillo, who is also Jada’s cousin, claims that when she came out the station’s store, the child was gone.

Jada’s father, Clarence Justice, fears the worst.

“In this day and age anybody is capable of doing anything.”

“I’m confused…I’m hurt…I’m stuck…I’m lost. I just want to know where she is and what happened and we’re not gonna stop looking,” Jada’s mother said.

Police have executed a search warrant on the cousin’s home. They currently have no leads in the case, but are questioning several people in connection with the girl’s disappearance.